System version: 2.7.0
App version: 2.0.1

Diário de Corredor was designed by me, Anderson Bravo, after getting addicted to Street Runnings and others.

Since my first running I filled out a sheet in Excel with all the running information: date, location, kilometers, duration, placement, etc. After some time, some formulas for calculating better times, among other things, became difficult and, with the knowledge I have in systems I decided to create Diário de Corredor.

Another motivator to create the system was to see that some friends also liked having a sheet to follow their runs.

Although there are many applications that mark the kilometers and time, we always use a lot of them together and the results are spread out in several places. In these applications we also do not have all the information like runner number, original duration, age group, etc, that also are spread in several sites that make the inscriptions of the run.

The idea here is to centralize all your runs, with all the information you find relevant, maintaining a track record and generating useful statistics.

I hope the system is useful for you.

Any questions, criticism or suggestion, please contact me by email: